About us

Proud owners of De Oude Pastorie since 2021: the Van Rooyen Family

We bought De Oude Pastorie during the dreaded Covid-pandemic in 2021 - which just goes to show that even the darkest clouds can have silver linings!  Our family of 5 moved here from Durban in August 2021 and we have enjoyed the beautiful town and the friendly locals ever since.  Our children are free to roam, swim in dams and hike the beautiful trails.  The schools, restaurants, shops and experiences in and around this historic town are simply fantastic. We are thrilled to be part of this community.


We grow most of our herbs in the lush garden at De Oude Pastorie, using compost made from all suitable organic kitchen waste products.  Our hens are fed fruit and vegetables from our kitchen and garden, ensuring the freshest eggs which are collected daily.  

We prefer to source locally and support our wonderful local producers of meat, vegetables, honey and berries.

In addition: to eliminate plastic PET bottles we have introduced re-useable glass bottles that are sterilized after each use and filled with filtered water, available in all our rooms' mini-fridges.