Keeping busy during lockdown 2020

Posted on Wed April 22, 2020.

It's vital to keep up to date with all the implications of the Corona virus as it effects our daily lives all over the world.  So, I sat myself down and completed an online course on Covid-19 and preventative and hygiene methods to combat this, as set out by the World Health Organisation.  A riveting read indeed.  Correct information from a reliable source gives one peace of mind and makes us all so much more aware of the dangers out there, not to mention all the fake news that circulates at lightning speed on social media - scary indeed!

It also gives us better ideas to adapt to the new circumstances in our lives once lock-down has been lifted because, let's face it - things will never be the same again.

Therefore, armed with new knowledge, we can improve our current excellent standards of hygiene and hospitality, to take even better care of our guests.

Stay safe, stay healthy and take care.